From consultation and searches before filing up to annuity management after obtaining rights,
it would be our pleasure to provide this important service to our clients.
Before filing, we would review how your technology has values for protection, and,
when filing applications, we would prepare the necessary documents, including fully proofread by technical experts.
At the Office Action stage, we would propose informed and effective Argument and Amendment
in order to overcome the outstanding Office Action and in line with the Standards of Examination and its practices.
At any stage during the examination or at the opposition to registration, practical and substantive advice will be given.
At the stage of registration and thereafter, the annuity payment will be managed by our expert management staff.
Throughout the prosecution, we would supply all clients and associates with necessary and precise information and procedures.

Three Elements of our Strength

  • 01


    Balance of youth and experience.
    Since the establishment in 1967,
    we have handled various patent cases for a large number of clients.
    That long tradition continues today,
    and is reflected in our continued success.
    On the other hand, incorporating
    a team of enthusiastic young people
    has allowed us to maintain and
    enhance our progressive.
    This balance will allow us to
    look forward, whilst respecting
    the importance of a great wealth of experience.
  • 02


    Keeping up with Globalization
    With the remarkable expanding of globalization, it is necessary for us to have effective systems in place in order to propose practical ideas and tactics in response to the clients’ request in terms of intellectual strategy.
    We are proud of having the latest, comprehensive knowledge about how the strongest rights can be obtained throughout the examination procedure.
  • 03


    Increasing our global customer base
    With our long history, our office has built up good relationships with foreign clients and associates. We are, however, looking to increase and expand these relationships, as well as establish new ones, by performing the expert skills in preparing documents including translation, handlings of procedures, and management before and after registration and other related matters.
    We are interested in strengthening and developing our relationships with an even wider range of people and share opportunities to achieve a successful outcome for all.

Technical Field handled by Sanno Patent Office

  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Electric and electronic circuit
  • Communications
  • Control
  • Devices
  • Material sciences
  • Information processing communications
  • Software
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Image processing
  • Optoelectronics

and other related fields