Something positive is coming from Sanno Patent Attorneys Office.
Is it the output of good ideas from experienced people? Is it the enthusiasm of younger people? In fact, both are true.
We have been progressing individually under the traditional spirit of studying the case hard and steadily creating increasingly productive methods of working for our clients.
But now is high time to mix up the experienced knowledge and dynamic new ideas in proceeding with good work under the global changeable stream.
We really feel that effectively-organized human resources is requisite for answering our clients’ every wish and demand.

Office Information

Name Sanno Patent Attorneys Office
Establishment April, 1967 (by Mr. Hiroaki Tazawa, former President)
Access Akasaka Sanno Center Bldg. 5F
12-4 Nagata-cho, 2-chome,
Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO
100-0014, JAPAN
TEL.+81-3-3502-5131 FAX. +81-3-3-502-5132
Business field Patents, Utility Models, Designs, Trademarks, all through from filing to management after registration Oppositions, Search, Consulting
Technical Field Electrical engineering, electronics, information processing, communications, software, mechanical engineering, semiconductors, etc.
Members 37 in total
6 Patent Attorneys, including an ex-trial examiner
and an ex-examiner at the Japan Patent Office



  • April 1967 Established by Mr. Hiroaki Tazawa, former President
    (Office name “Shinsei Patent Office”)
  • October 2003 Succeeded by Mr. Hideaki Tazawa
  • December 2007 Relocated to present address


  • 01


    Strong Client-Oriented Mind
    Since establishment, we have been
    considering how we should grow
    and strengthen our client-orientation.
    Now we are focusing more on growing strength through our
    relationship with people.
    Each member of our technical team
    discusses and consults with others
    to bring even better proposals and
    solutions to our clients.
    Keeping up with the speed
    and innovation of technology
    and globalization, we are
    endeavouring to develop our
    capability of organization
    in order to best enhance our
    relationship with our clients.
  • 02


    Professional Services
    at Every Stage
    We are specialized in the rules and
    practices of the Japanese Patent Office.
    Therefore, we are able to recommend
    good ways of filing patent applications,
    responding to Office Actions,
    and any stage of prosecution, up to
    maturing into registration.
    Of course we supply each client with
    a professional translation service in English, as well as Japanese.
  • 03


    Training and Education System
    There are two patent attorneys with
    rich experience as a Trial Examiner
    or Examiner at the Japan Patent Office.
    These patent attorneys teach or
    proofread specifications and
    other documents of the technical staff.
    On the other hand, the entire technical team frequently meets to share information,
    such as revision of the patent law
    and the change of practice of
    the Japan Patent Office.
    We also share information about
    clients in a similar way. Such
    two-way training and education
    systems, on the job training (OJT)
    and group meeting system make all
    members of staff highly skilled in
    creating an enhanced service for every client.