As in patent and utility matters, we have had a lot of opportunities to establish good relationships with people both in Japan and overseas. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we have been driven to look forward and strategize the best ways to advise people going forward.
As you know, designs and trademarks have important roles in business and they have direct influences on the market. Clients overseas are eager to get our professional explanations about the Japanese practices with reasonable cost,
while some clients in Japan wish to request our quick filing at the start of business. Additionally,
others ask us to find effective ways to overcome any Office Action.
At any stage, our office would serve you swiftly, efficiently and professionally.
Needless to say, our mission is to supply all clients and all associates with satisfaction of the highest quality.


Designs under the Japanese Design Law

“Design” under the Japanese Design Law means a shape, pattern, color or any combination of these elements in terms of an article, and the aesthetic impression they give.
Substantial examination is performed to judge whether the design satisfies the numerous requirements, such as originality of design.
After registration, the duration period is 20 years from the given registration date. We will put the date into our management system and timely inform the clients of the due date for payment of annuity.
We would be happy to work with people in obtaining design registrations, which could potentially produce further expansion of clients’ business.


Trademark under the Japanese Trademark Law

In Japan, as effective from April 1, 2015, the Trademark Law was revised,
expanding the definition of trademarks to new types, such as holograms and sounds.
We think that it is one of our most important roles to inform our clients of such
changes of law and practice in consideration of their business plans and situation.
In particular, for those clients wishing to move into the Japanese market, we would give professional advice as to how the designation of goods or services should be in order to achieve registration. Throughout the procedure up to registration,
we will supply the necessary help needed to attain the required result.
Our post-registration management system is highly reliable. Renewal of
trademark registrations every 10 years is one of the indispensable measures for
keeping up and expanding business. We would encourage any inquiries regarding
this vital service.
For registration overseas, we would assist you to the fullest through the channel of associates in each country.